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Laboratorio RF Microonde e Elettromagnetismo

Info-Mobility Technologies

The Info-Mobility Technologies Lab is a joint laboratory between the Dept. of Information Engineering and Autostrade Tech, the latter a company of the Autostrade per l'Italy Group aimed at the development of the information technologies for Vehicle-to-X 


Scientific Director: Prof. Alessandro Cidronali
Location: V.le Morgagni 48, Florence, Italy
phone: +39.055.2758500  
The lab pursues the following objectives
  • development of know-how in the field of vehicle to infrastructure communications
  • technological assesment and industrial validation of innovative systems for the info-mobility
  • partecipation to academic and industrial regulatory consulting group for the innovation of vehicular communications technologies
  • introduction of new technologies in the national road-transport context



The Info-Mobility Tech. Lab is located in V. le Morgagni 48, Firenze, a part of the Biomedical and Technology campus of the University of Florence 

ultimo aggiornamento: 29-Dic-2018
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